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School Supply List 2016-2017

Pre-Kindergarten Supply List

1 Standard Size Backpack without wheels (label with child's name)
1 Mochila (sin ruedas) (nombre escrito)
Boxes of Kleenex
Cajas de Kleenex
1 Clorox Wipes
1 Paquete de Clorox Wipes
AM CLASS: 1 Box of Gallon Ziploc Bags
CLASE AM: 1 Caja De Balsas de Plastico de Galon
PM CLASS: 1 Box of Quart Ziploc Bags (sandwich size)
CLASE PM: 1 Caja De Bolsas de Plastico de un quarto
Boxes of Jumbo Size Crayola Crayons (8 count)
2 Cajas de Colores Tamano Grande (Jumbo)
1 Bottle of Elmer's Glue (4-5 oz)
1 Botella de Pegadura Marca Eimers
2 Packages of Glue Stick
2.Paquetes de tubitos de pegamento (glue sticks)
1 Plastic 3-prong Folder (AM Class: blue, PM Class: green) (label with child's name)
1 Folder de Plastico de 3 haros (Clase AM: azul, Clase PM: verde) (nombre escrito)
3 Composition Notebooks (label with child's name)
3 Libros de Composicion (nombre escrito)
1 Pair of Children's Scissors (Fiskars are best)
1 Par de Tijeras la marca Fiskars son las mejores
1- 4 pack of Play-doh
1 Paquete de plastilina Play-doh
1 Box of Watercolor Paints
1 Cajita de Pinturas de Agua
1 Bottle of Hand Soap
1 Botella Jabon para las manos
Change of clothes labeled with child's name in a large ziploc bag (in case of emergency)
Un cambio de ropa en una bolsa grande de plastico con el nombre de! estudiante

Kinder Supply List

1 large container of Clorox wipes
3 Boxes of Kleenex
3 Boxes of Crayons 24 Count (Crayola Brand)
1 Dozen #2 pencils (made in the U.S.A)
2 Bottles of Elmer's glue 8 oz
1 Fiskars school scissors (Rounded end)
4 Composition Books
4 pocket folders with brads (blue, green, yellow, red)
1 ream of white copy paper
1 Backpack Regular standard size/No wheels
1 2" Binder
1 set of headphones (No ear buds)
1 Box gallon zip lock bags
1 Box sandwich zip lock bags
1 pack big pink eraser
1 pack of pencil top erasers
1 Bottle of Germ-X
1 Jumbo Coloring Book (available at the Dollar Tree)
**Please see your child's teacher for specific classroom needs***

First Grade Supply List

1 Backpack without wheels (label with child's name) 3 Boxes of Tissues 2 Roll of Paper Towels 2 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer 2 Box of Clorox Wipes 1 Box of Gallon Ziploc Bags 1 Box of Quart Ziploc Bags 2 Boxes of Crayons (24 count) 2 Bottles of Elmer's Glue (4-5 oz) 1 Expo Dry Erase Markers 4 Pack 5 Primary Composition Notebooks (label with child's name) 4 Boxes of #2 Pencils 1 White Eraser 1 Yellow Highlighter 1 Pair of Children's Scissors (Fiskars are best) Change of clothes labeled with child's name in a large ziploc bag (in case of emergency) *Please do not send the following items to school: rulers, school boxes, small pencil sharpeners, pens, candy, toys and money, unless otherwise asked by your child's teacher *To cut down on additional expenses, all supplies will be used as community property. *Your child's assigned teacher may request additional supplies.

Second Grade Supply List

Welcome to 2nd grade! This is a basic supply list, not a complete supply list.  Each teacher may have a few additional items for their individual classes. We will notify you of the additional items when the new year begins. Please keep in mind that supplies will need to be replaced throughout the year. Please do not send 3 ring-binders or suitcase-style backpacks. Our classrooms have a very limited amount of space. Look to your new teacher for specifics. We look forward meeting you and starting the new year.

3 composition notebooks
1 spiral notebook
2 pkgs. wide-ruled notebook paper
4 folders with prongs & pockets
2 pkgs. 24 count pencils-standard #2 pencils (no mechanical pencils)
2 white or pink erasers
1 box 36-48 count crayons
1 pkg colored pencils
1 pair scissors (fiskar type)
1 pencil sharpener w/cover
1 ruler
2 bottles white glue
4 glue sticks
2 pkgs. index cards
1 pkg post it notes
1 bottle hand sanitizer (Germ X)
3 boxes of Kleenex (mandatory)
2-3 containers wipes {Clorox or Lysol as per Clint ISO) 1 pkg. gallon size baggies
1 pkg. quart or sandwich size baggies
Supply bag or pencil box to keep supplies in

Third Grade Supply List

6 Composition Notebooks (black and white, no spiral notebooks please)
4 Folders (Red, Purple, Green, and Yellow) *No designs on folders please
3 Packages of Notebook Paper (Wide-Ruled)
3 Boxes of Pencils: 24 Count (NO MECHANICAL PENCILS)
1 Large Pencil Sharpener with Cover
2 Large Erasers
2 Box of Color Pencils
1 Bottle of Glue (8 oz)
1 Scissors
1 School Supply Box
2 Container of Clorox or Lysol Wipes (No Generic Brand: not allowed in classrooms)
2 Hand Sanitizer
4 Boxes of Tissues
1 Set of Headphones
Boys: 1 box gallon size bags
Girls: 1 box quart size bags

Fourth Grade Supply List

2 glue bottles (NO GLUE STICKS)
6 packages of paper
3 boxes of Kleenex
4 Spiral notebooks (80 sheets per notebook)
4 Composition Notebooks
2 Pencil Sharpeners with cover
3 packages of pencils, yes you can have mechanical pencils (NO PENS)
1 box of color pencils
3 package of Clorox Wipes
2 hand sanitizers
2 white erasers (if you can't get white...pink is fine)
1 pencil box or pencil bag
1 scissors with round tip
2 Folders
1 ruler
1 box of quart size zipper plastic bags
1 box of gallon size zipper plastic bags
1 Binder (3 ring) (l inch)

Fifth Grade Supply List

1 box (minimum of 12 pencils)
1 pencil sharpener (closed container) 4 erasers
1 black ink pen
2 red ink pens
4 packages of bright colored copy paper
8 spiral notebooks (100 pages)
5 glue sticks
5 regular school glue
1 pair of scissors (students_scissors)
2 rolls of paper towels (Bounty)
2 large containers disinfectant wipes
2 boxes of markers (thick and thin) 1 (4-pack) dry erase markers
2 boxes of faciaI tissues
3 Lysol Desinfectant sprays
2 highlighters (One yellow, one Pink)
1 plastic Or wood ruler
1 eraser for dry erase board
1 package of cap erasers
3 composition notebooks
2 Baby Wipes
3 hand sanitizers (Germ X)
6 pocket folders
1 construction paper package
2 quart and 2 gallon zip lock bags packets
1 English-English Dictionary
1 English-Spanish Dictionary
1 color paper package

1 caja de lapices (minimo 12 lapices)
1 sacapuntas
4 gomas para borrar
1 pluma negra
2 plumas rojas
4 paquetes de hojas de colores brillante
8 cuadernos de 100 hojas cada uno
5 pegamentos en tubo (pritt)
5 pegamentos resistol
1 par tijeras para estudiantes
2 rollos de toallas de papel
2 contenedores grandes de toallas desinfectantes
2 cajas de rnarcadores (gruesos y delgados)
1 paquete de marcadores dry erase (4 en el paquete)
2 cajas de panuelos faciales (kleenex)
3 aerosoles desinfectantes Lysol
3 marcadores fosforescentes diferentes colores
1 regla de plástico o de madera
l borrador para pizarrón blanco
1 paquete de borradores para lapices
3 cuadernos para composición
2 toallitas para bebe
3 esterilizadores liquidos para manos
6 folders con clip metalico o con bolsillos
1 paquete de papel para construcción
2 paquetes de bolsas de cuarto de galón
2 de galón con zipper (zip lock bags)
1 Diccionario de Ingles
1 Diccionario ingles-español
1 paquete de hojas de color